Parthan chapter 1

Created by ELVEO

The Parthans were the first large culture to leave Nimathar ages before the fall of the first City, even before the war with Eurith. They followed the teachings of Parh – the Blacksmith God and master of stone metal craft who claimed that Nimathar is a cage within the world which prevents its inhabitants from discovering its true secrets and beauty. The Parthans established a powerful presence in a mountain range that subsequently became known as the Parthan mountains, building both surface cities and massive subterranean palaces in honor for the different crafts based on stone- and metalwork. They were called by Eurith to join her uprising but never heeded the call and did not raise arms against Nimathar. Seeing the wrath of the gods and the Nimathar elves in theit armies that was struck upon the lands within Euriths ring they took the consequence that no invader should be able to do the same to them, whatever his power and motivations may ever be. Subsequently, the Parthans became a culture of Craftsmen-warriors, perfecting the arts of creation with stone and metal and utilizing them to raise the most formidable fortifications and armies the Nean continent has ever seen.


To be continued...


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