Elveon - the book of elves

Elves can live forever... They take their time if they need to... But they never abandon what they believe in.

The history of the Elveon project dates back into 2003 when a small team started working on an idea of a fantasy world and game that would bring to life a new perspective – a story set in the „early days“ of a fantasy world – a time when the Elves were not yet the old, declining population, guarding the ancient ways, but still a young, emerging race, struggling to take their place in a world dominated by Gods and divine powers. During 2004 to 2007, the project grew and the team expanded up to a peak size of over 70 developers and – utilizing architexts, painters and sculptors, managed to give the idea a stunning visual facade that – at its time – represented a benchmark in fantasy design and real-time graphical quality. In 2008, after a series of complications and before a serious attempt for a release could be made, the project had to be abandoned and the team has gradually dissolved. A long period of slumber resulted, with the Rights and Assets being held by different entities. The idea however, did not die with the original project...

In 2015, after several years of work and preparation, a few members of the original team have succeeded in obtaining all Rights and Assets and give the idea a new beginning.

Our main goal is to produce quality action RPG game, using newest technologies (UE4) and finish the Elveon dream, which was started 12 years ago with a small group of adventurous developers. Our focus is to use Elveon (book of elves) trademark and Elveon world with its specifics, to bring player whole new fantasy experience. We are taking the best from original game (duel fights, story, specific art style), we are polishing and tweaking it to the highest possible level, adding new features, graphics, using best actual technology available. We hope, to keep the Elveon trademark and world alive and bring the best game experience to players possible.

Elveon world

Deep and sophisticated Elveon world, where Gods and Elves lived together.

Elvish culture

First elvish game with strong focus on archery.

Fighting system

Well balanced duel fights and
epic battles.

Newest tech

Newest technologies
(Unreal Engine 4)


they said about us

Gamespot: "Elveon is one to keep an eye on for now"
Games tiscali: "There is huge epic adventure waiting for you."
Games radar: "Graceful."
Ign: "Make sure you check them out."
Žive: "Overall the fights are more entertaining and even more elaborated than in Skyrim."

The Dragon Elves

The Dragon Elves are revered as demi-gods by the Parthans. Once elves of the Parthan race, they seek to follow the legacy of their god – Parh – by descending to the deepest levels of his mountain fortress and immersing themselves for centuries into the craft of working with metal and stone, until they unravel its every each layer and secret . Those who do, emerge changed – as their god did – they follow their quests for perfection until their bodies and minds melt with the very materials they are trying to master – they are elves made of living metal and stone and their minds join with the dragons slumbering within the core of the world.


Belphoros was the third star to awake from Archsoul and his thought was order. In the early days of the elves, when gods and elves dwelled together in the city of Nimathar, his advice and judgement was valued and seeked by all. His word was questioned by none, since there was no self-interest in his sight, just the drive of righteousness and truth. At the end of the catastrophic war between Nimathar and the renegade godess Eurith and her followers, Eurith was defeated and tried by the Gods. The Gods shunned to speak the inevitable sentence over one of their own kind and Eurith laughed in their faces as they quarreled over her exile or imprisonment. Belphoros then appeared and spoke the sentence alone – claiming to do what must be done. He destroyed Eurith, traded the end of her rebellion for the end of the era of the immortal gods.

The Archsoul

The archsoul awoke and her thoughts became the stars, and the stars were bright and clear in their first moments. Then, her emotions became dragons and they grew and roamed among the stars. Thought and Emotion, Star and Dragon clashed, and the Dragons threathened to consume the stars, such was their raw power. The stars, brought to the brink of madness by the power of the dragons, formed one final common thought – to end the clash. The power of the one thought was enough to halt the clash of the dragons and as it ebbed away, the stars looked upon a new creation in the middle of the void - the world... The stars entered the world and found it a place of serene beauty and harmony – the dragons in a slumber and peace, a perfection of thought and emotion. The stars dwelled in the world and took its forms, and formed it to be a reflection of their dreams...