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Parh is the sixth star on the Pantheon of Gods – awoken with the thoughts and drive to create. Even in the early days of the Gods in the newly crafted world, he often left their circle and the council at Starspear and traveled through the world at length. His absences got more often and took ever longer and his influence in the council and with the other gods fell – apart from their desire for the things he made from the essence of the world. Parhs skills at changing and crafting materials were second to none and in the early days, he created some of the most treasured artefacts of the gods – the mask of living metal for Aun the sun goddes burned face being one of them. Many seeked his personal favor but that was rarely granted – his interests were for his crafts and not for those seeking their benefits without knowledge.


In the age of Nimathar, well before the war with Eurith, Parh left the circle of Gods permanently and departed to seek even deeper threasures and mysteries in the mountains of the Nean continent. Soon, elvish clans followed him to seek his teachings. Parh welcomed them, since they were willing to learn and grow with their knowledge and thus the foundation fo the Parthan civilization were laid well before other major elvish cultures.


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