Eurithon – Neamal

Created by ELVEO

When the renegade Godess Eurith finally realized that the tall rocky walls of her natural fortress will not hold, it was clear to her that after all the bloodshed into which she tore the entire continent, the wrath of the victors will be terrible. For herself as a Godess, she foolishly fared nothing, believing the other Gods too weak to be able to pass any final sentence, but she knew that there will be no mercy or pardon given for her followers. However, surrounded in her fortifications by an impenetrable circle of besiegers, there way no way for her to bring her forces to safety.

For the leader of her forces, the Demi-God Neamal however, she chose a different fate. Being her fist follower in her uprising, Neamal wanted to lead one final sortie against the besiegers and fall in sight of his Godess as her most trusted defender. Eurith, expecting to escape final sentence and rise another day, however had other hopes and needs for him.

First furious to be deprived of the chance to prove himself in the final battle and find honorable death leading her ranks, Neamal in the end was unable to resist his Godess and accepted her proposal and gift.

Eurith sacrificed a part of her soul to relieve Neamal from his physical form and when the forces of Niimathar finally breached Euriths Ring, in the fray of the last desperate battle, Neamal posessed the mind of a Niimathar infantry flagbearer. In his new form, he delivered his former dead body to the leader of the besieging army, thus taking away any doubts about his loyalty.

He accompanied the Niimathar forces and together with them, witness the execution of the Godess by Belphoros – all her – and his – hopes, plans and dreams vanquished by the blade forged from the tip of Starspear itself...

An unbearable pain and madness overtook his entire existence as the purpose of his life died in horror and with her, the force of Euriths spell began to vanish – he fled the Niimathar camp and turned into a twisted demon – torn between the form of God and Elf, Animal and Dragon. He ought to die with his Godess, but somehow he kept himself alive – one last purpose carrying him on – to bring her back – or to bring all of her kind down with her...

Eurithon – Neamal

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