Taethan chapter 1

Created by ELVEO

Following the war with Eurith, the ravaged lands within the natural mountain range of Euriths ring became a deserted wilderness. Nature qickly took back the lands and a thick forest of gigantic Moon-trees grew all over the place. For a long time, no elvish culture dared to go beyond the still formidable mountains of Euriths ring. Only adventurers, outcasts and small clans ventured beyond the terribly scarred and almost impassable mountain range. Thus, over centuries, a culture like no other has formed within Eurith´s ring – all who arrived have laid down their past and begun a new life – in isolation from all others and in union with the nature within the ring. The Taethans understanding for nature is unsurpassed, making them the best craftsmen of bows and archers among all the elves. Outer cultures rarely have any contact with the Taethans and keep their distance for the fear that the curse of Euriths madness may be passed on to them from the ruins of her last fortress.


To be continued...


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