Chapter Aegan II – Iillea & Inakhill

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In the centuries following the fall of Niimathar, the Aegans grew to become the strongest civilization from all of the exiles. The godess Athain made sure they left the Nean continent and established a new sea empire with its capital city of Iillea being second only to Niimathar itself at its peak. The priestesses of Athain took the leading role in the early centuries of Aegan power, bringing the will of the godess to her people and assuring her favor for the Aegan conquests and expeditions. 

The Aegans were set to re-create the glory of the first city – only this time without the presence of the tower of all gods, all in favor of their one patron Athain. However, the growing power of the Aegans insulted the god of the oceans Hespar who took their determination for perfection and greatness as arrogance and intervened on behalf of their enemies in several major naval battles, obliterating whole Aegan fleets with divine storms in sight of inferior and otherwise doomed opposition... 

The stalemate of Aegan expansions was broken when a hero – Inakhill – turned his one ship away from the fleet in one of the worst storms ever witnessed on the open sea. Hespar saw the one ship and send his champion, Pronoth to crush the daring captain. In the ensuing duel, Inakhill lured Pronoth into an early attack by faking ill controll over his ship – the ship was struck with the demi-gods hammer but Inakhill managed to trap his shield between its hull and a falling mast and wounded the divine champion with his spear. Taken off ballance, Pronoth left his shield locked in the ships hull and dived away, Inakhill using the moment to bow in front of Hespar and asking to judge him but hear him out before. 

The God followed and although no record of their talk was ever made, Inakhill returned with Hespars favor and the shield of Pronoth was left as a gift to guard the Aegan fleets in battles to come. Inakhill became the first king of the Aegans and while the priestesses of Athain retained their leading word in the Aegan civilization, the cult of Hespar since then always lived on within the lineage of Aegan kings.

Chapter Aegan II – Iillea & Inakhill

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