Eurith´s Ring

Created by ELVEO

When the renegade Godess Eurith and her Dragon-tainted forces were halted and repelled at the Rift of Niimathar, the war took its final turn. The forces of the eternal city began to prevail and soon Eurith could not stand against them in the open. To protect hewr remaining forces and gather new strength, Eurith raised an enormous mountain circular range to serve as an impenetrable fortress. The hosts of Niimathar besieged Euriths ring for many decades and the Elvish Armies took terrible losses in the attempts to breach it, but finally they succeeded and the natural fortification was breached enough to allow them entrance – the battles inside took another terrible tall on them but ultiumately, Euriths ring was taken and the renegae Godess captured and brought before the Divine court.

After the court, the Gods tried to erase Euriths ring, but even without the power of her protecting it, they were not able to do so – so the grim huge natural fortress still stands to the present day, and most Elvish cultures pass it in a wide arc believing that the curse of Eurith still lurks inside.

Eurith´s Ring

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