Chial the spearthrower: Chapter II

Created by ELVEO

That was the time when Athon, the firstborn Star called upon all others to again give up a bit of their souls to form a new common thought – to form a bridge between the void and the World that would allow free passage for all Stars at any time.

The Stars agreed and their second common thought led to the creation of Starspear – a giant lance as long as the world that was made out of their souls in the Void. The lance was created but the bridge yet had to be made and the Stars argued how it should be achieved. In the end, one of them had to be chosen as the thrower of Starspear – many saw Athon for the role but in the end, Chial – the seventh born Star was chosen, for his birth thought was clarity and precision.

Chial took the role and launched Starspear against the World. His throw was precission made into divine action – he settled the tip spear in the very center of the Material World – at the pinpoint of the clash, so that its other end just breached the barrier and through the Spear, the Stars could now travel free from the Void into the World.

Some Elvish legends say it was Zeia who had the „Starspear“ thought and she used Athon, as well that it was her desire for Chial that led to him being the chosen Spearthrower. Some even say that even at this point, it was her desire to rule that led to these events and to bringing the Stars all to the Material World.

Chial the spearthrower: Chapter II

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