Chial the spearthrower: Chapter I

Created by ELVEO

As the end the Clash of Dragons settled when each of the Stars sacrificed a piece of his soul to send one common thought into the center of the clash, they looked upon a new creation coming from the now calmed Dragons. The material world, strange, wild and beautiful sat in the middle of the void. The Stars looked upon the world and soon, the first of them began to descend into it to experience its sensations and explore its riddles.

Everything in the world was new and beautiful for them – the world represented the Dragons – the emotions of Archsoul - all in a calm state, so they no longer threatened to destroy the souls of the Stars by their sheer power and uncontrollability... More and more of the Stars descended and spent time in the World and took different forms in it to experience all its elements and explore the dragons-emotions in their becalmed forms.

However, descending to the world of – even calm – Dragons was difficult and cost them a lot of their powers – for the barrier between the – now Dragon-less void and the vivid, thriving material world was turbulent and hard to pass. Some of the Stars never braved the passage in this era, although the curiosity and yearning to experience the calm of the Dragons was great in every one of them.

To be continued...

Chial the spearthrower: Chapter I

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