Aegan chapter 1

Created by ELVEO

The origins of the Aegans reach before the fall of Nimathar. In the first city, they were a sworn order in the service of the Godess Athain and served her purposes under the divine council. After the fall, Athain continued to protect them – while no God of the council ever left Nimathar to speak to the elves, she used her link to the Aegan priestesses to help her people and led them off the Nean continent accros the sea to a new safe haven. The Aegans thrived in their new home and raised a city that was second only to the pre-fall Nimathar itself. During the centuries where the Aegans were growing ever more powerful however, a secret idea dwelled in the background and finally came to surface when King Aeneas got in open conflict with the order of Athain as he ordered an expedition to the Nean continent. The Aegan culture subsequently split and Aeneas sailed forth without the blessing of the order.


To be continued...


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